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La Dia de Las Tres Banditas

Well sir, it looked like bout any other day
at the Bloated Goat.  There was the usual 
folks in there for a Friday afternoon.
There was four fellers playiní match stick 
poker at one of the tables, and Iggy was
sittiní at the bar talkiní to Sadie.
Things was plumb normal and peaceful.
All of a sudden the door pops open and in 
comes 3 of the finest lookiní fillies you 
would ever want to see and dang sure the 
best lookiní that had ever been in "The Goat".
They just stood there for a minute and 
looked the place over and kinda hesitated.
Well, you can bet they wasnít the only ones 
a lookiní. This here was somethiní plumb out 
of the ordinary for "The Goat". Them boys at 
the poker table looked like they was paralyzed.
All of a sudden one of them gals sez, "We 
heard about this place from a friend of ours. 
His name is Chip, and we had to stop and see 
if all he said was true."
Then she walked over to the corner, where Iggy 
was pickiní up his hat.
She sez, "My name is Cassie, and you must be 
Iggy! Chip has told me so much about you and 
I want to give you a hug!"
Well you coulda knocked ol 
Iggy over with a feather!
But now Iggy ainít no dammed fool. Ifín a 
good lookiní woman wants a hug, wall he 
reckoned as how he could handle that.
Well, sir, that gal give him a big ol hug an 
Iggy stood there and kinda grinned. He looked 
over at them fellers and they all had their 
chins ahanginí on the table in disbelief.
But that werenít the end of it. One of them 
other gals walked up and sed, 
"Iím Nikki, and I want a hug too!"
Well, Iggy was beginniní to get a little 
flustered, but he bore up under the burden 
and give that gal a big ol hug too.
He looked over at Sadie and she just 
shrugged her shoulders and grinned an evil
grin at Iggy and warnít no help at all.
Nikki, stepped back and there was that 
other gal. She stepped up to Iggy and sed. 
"Iím Di, donít forget me!"
Wall, ol Iggy was plumb bumfuzzled by now, 
but he give that gal a hug too. He looked 
over at them fellers at the table and their 
chins was plumb down on the floor their 
mouths was hanginí open so far.
Iggy dinít quite know what to think of all 
this, but he had a grin on his face as big 
as the grill on a 57 Buick...
 and thatís the truth.
Sadie was the first one to come to her 
senses and she sed, Well, if you ladies 
are friends of Chip's then let me buy 
you a drink.  Whatíll you have?"
Them three gals spoke in unison and sed, 
"Weíll have a shot of Stump Blower!"
Well, I kin tell you, that you could 
heard a pin drop in there for a minute.
Sadie sed, "Are you sure?"
Them gals looked at each other and 
grinned and sed... 
"Yup, thatís what we want."
Sadie poured each of them a shot of 
Stump Blower and slid them glasses 
across the bar,and just shook her head.
Well sir, them gals drank that Stump 
Blower down in one snort and stood there.
Iggy and the others waited for the 
explosion, but nothing happened.
Them gals kind quivered a couple of 
times and tears came to Nikkiís eyes, 
but she never flinched.
After about 30 seconds of silence, Cassie 
let out a big breath and squeaked. "Wow!! 
Thatís good stuff!!!"
Well, I kin tell you right now, them gals 
had gained the respect of everbody in "The 
Goat" and thatís plumb center.
Sadie sed, "Ladies, I am sure you could use 
a chaser after that, and I am sure Chip 
would be proud if I put it on his tab."
The gals all sed they would like Margaritas 
if that was possible.
Sadie went and found her book on makiní 
drinks and in a shortwhile she had a 
reasonable facsimile of Margarita built 
for each of them gals and brought it over 
to the table where the gals had set.
They sat there an drank them Margaritas and 
laughed and hollered and had a great time.
The gals sed they was from Canada and it 
turns out that they was sisters.
Well, the only Canadians Iggy had ever met 
was a bunch of the Chuck wagon racers from 
Alberta and they was crazy boogers and 
sides that they drank their beer warm.
You sure as hell couldnít trust 
anybody that drank warm beer!
Them gals won over the hearts of everbody 
in the place. They even had Sadie singiní 
and gigglin' like a school girl in no time.
It warnít long and they sed they had to go, 
as they had to catch a plane in Denver.
They each give Iggy and Sadie another hug 
and they was gone.
Well, I kin tell you that was a day that 
will long be remembered at "The Goat".
Fabian called it..... 
"La dia de Las Tres Bandidas!"
It donít seem like you can ever go in "The 
Goat" now but somebody brings that day up.
Course then there is Iggy. From that day 
on, Iggy was some kind of a hero and he 
will always have the bragginí rights about 
the day that three gals came ....
all the way from Canada to give him a hug.

                   See ya down the trail!

© 2003
Chip Harding


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